Warranty services

Warranty service is stipulated in the contract and is usually from 2 to 8 years. During this period, Office Solutions specialists carry out all the work on warranty support and repair of the delivered solutions – partitions and furniture. After the end of the warranty period you can continue to cooperate with us and enjoy the support of our technical service.

Rent of furniture

With the help of a lease, you can quickly create temporary jobs for new and non-permanent employees, avoid downtime and organize new areas in the office.

Conducting an inventory

Our experts will help you evaluate the condition of furniture, set furniture on the balance sheet, prepare and provide you with a summary inventory table. This can help you accurately track the state of equipment in the office and prevent problems before they occur.
Solve the problem of freeing the office space for rearrangement or renovation will help the service of recycling furniture. Office Solutions employees will undertake a complex of tasks for dismantling, removal and disposal of old furniture.


Wire laying is carried out by the IT Solutions service of Office Solutions and will help you:

  • to organize accurate and efficient laying of wires in the workplace of the employee, to increase the convenience of his work and the safety of the use of equipment.
  • organize the laying of wires in the meeting and open areas of the office, ensuring their cleanliness and safety of technology use.