Office Design can help you to:

  • plan work process of company without stopping during the move;
  • organize the move through prepared plans, minimize mistakes;
  • organize dismantling and assembly of furniture;
  • organize packing (own materials) and transportation things, storage and guarantee of safe;
  • installation of furniture in a new location;
  • cleaning and removal of garbage.

All property during the move insured.  The whole process is done by Office Design. Work teams of our employees who perfectly knows all the features of solutions of our suppliers, work with our customers for many years, carefully and responsibly approach their work.


This is a complex of measures in order to relieve the stress of employees when moving, to create a holiday mood, to help orient themselves and quickly get used to a new job.

«Housewarming» Includes a set of activities and services:

  • organization of the presentation of the new office and its capabilities to employees;
  • presentation of decisions and their functions;
  • organization of a holiday, show-programs housewarming (photography, memorable gifts);
  • preparation of information brochures, videos, posters about a new office;
  • electronic library with materials, photos, plans for a new office.