About Living Office

Living Office – this is Holistic proposal to introduce ideas, methods, office furniture and services. Living Office helps people to change their approach to work, by execution methods and work space arrangement, what gives us a positive results for productivity of work and promotes cooperative work of employees.

Employee involvement

250 companies that we work with, reported on improving the performance of staff


The constant relationship of employees increases result of work.

The relationship between the organization of work and the working environment.

Working with different companies we observed how the working environment conditions affect the work capacity and organization of the work of employees. For example, studies shows that an excess of open space has a negative impact on employees. More specifically, it has unforeseen and neglected consequences, such as reduced productivity and communication between employees.
A lot of companies do not pay much attention to the size of unused space. Or study with Fortune, which examined 500 companies, shows that in various industries, the unused space for “Open Space” for employees is 60%, the unused space for individual offices is 77%, and the area of conference halls rarely used in full.

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