The company “DesignProject” offers a full line of furniture products and services designed to equip the premises, creating an atmosphere of high productivity, beautiful and rational use of the interior space – today and looking into tomorrow.

Your opinion

We start each project after listening to your opinion. We work with you to understand what needs to be done and then apply our professional skills and know-how to create furniture, provide services that best meet your requirements. Our approach to work is characterized by consistency, responsibility and flexibility, so that communication with us is unimpeded and simple.

Service list

Equipment and modernization

We will provide you with detailed information so that you can make a thoughtful decision. When analyzing the technical conditions for your office – as in the situation with the solution of any other business issue – it is extremely important to define a clear strategy and future goals. Taking into account your production plans and aligning them with the requirements for the location of the interior in your office is the best method of organizing the work. We will provide you with clear information and share your experience to develop your property management strategy. Excellent physical environment inside the office raises the morale of employees and ultimately raises the productivity of labor.

Each office needs its own unique furniture and is characterized by its internal dimensions, placement of lighting and heating systems, as well as requirements for noise insulation. Our services include installation of air conditioners, mechanical assembly works, lifting works, installation of fire protection system, lighting systems, electrical wiring, lifting of loads, carpentry / tiling, ceiling coating and plastering.


Project management

We provide project management services for the entire duration of the work, until the project is fully completed. Services with turn-key projects enable you, as our customer, to feel that you are in safe hands, and that you will have to deal with only one of our company, and not with several different companies.

Arrangement of furniture

We offer a furniture option tailored to your budget, delivering an optimally developed set of technical specifications, functions, design and ergonomics to create an environment that will attract and preserve your most valuable resource – your employees
We offer: a wide range of furniture items in the framework of our standard product package with the possibility of making furniture according to a special order, consultations of specialists in choosing colors, materials and ergonomics, consultations on budget calculation, furniture reconfiguration after installation, transportation services, increase in the size of products and making changes .

Planning the space inside the office

At the planning stage of the project, the staff of the company “Office Design” develops several variants of the scheme of using the working area. Depending on the technical conditions, you can choose the plan that best fits your budget and wishes, analyze the use of the area inside the office, select the design and layout, furnish items / suitable configuration, take advantage of technical support, and planning of the indoor area.


Acting as a dealer of Herman Miller in Kazakhstan, we fully control the fulfillment of orders at any stage of the project, coordinating activities with a network of offices operating around the world. Our highly qualified specialists and well-established production process ensure the provision of the following services and profitable offers: short deadlines and flexible delivery schedules, quick delivery options for selected products, project management, professional supply and installation, laying of electrical cables and wires in the workplace, design documentation.

Warranties, services and certificates

Warranties and services provided by the manufacturer are the most important factor when choosing office furniture. Despite the fact that the design and manufacture of furniture have a long history, buying furniture with a great warranty period saves time and money for customers in the long term. Most products manufactured by Herman Miller have a warranty period of 12 years. The replacement of spare parts is in accordance with the warranty.




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